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Jonathan Cain​
​Keyboard player, songwriter & vocalist, JOURNEY

"As keyboard player in the band, Journey, for thirty years, as well as being a producer, I have had the pleasure of writing, performing and recording with unique voices like Steve Perry, John Waite, and Michael Bolton and most recently- Arnel Pineda. At the heart of all of these gifted singers were the principles of rhythmic phrasing, effortless tone, and capturing the right character for each song that was being performed. -as a result I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best in the business. Amber Morris is an innovative voice teacher who teaches with the concepts of resonance and placement and applying these principles to performance. For the past five years she has worked with my nineteen year old daughter, Madison, and I have been delighted in the improvements Amber has brought about with Madison in the recording studio and on stage.Amber has also worked with our band’s new lead singer, Arnel Pineda, with placement and diction and helped him deal with the rigors of extensive touring. The regimen and maintenance of a touring vocalist must be disciplined and precise and using Skype Amber was able to get his voice on track.

Last year I started lessons with Amber and had the best singing year on the road that I can remember. She has helped me open up and gotten my tone much more resonant than it was when I started. I have personally recommended her to various singers and any one who does public speaking."

Olivia Gibson
Lead vocalist, songwriter program at Berklee College of Music

"I've been working with Amber for 9 years now, and I just don't think anybody could find a better voice teacher. Amber is somebody I, among many others, hold very  near and dear to my heart. She has given me so much more than just vocal technique, she has given me confidence as an artist to be who I want to be. I would not be anywhere near where I am today without her mentorship and friendship along the way. My dad would always say how even after a bad day, I'd go into my weekly lesson with Amber and walk out with a huge grin on my face and non-stop chatter and excitement. Amber just really has a gift for honing in your own unique style and abilities, and strengthening those abilities that aren't as developed. Amber's method is unique and it works. She has instilled confidence in me so I actually believe I can hit that high note or I can harness that particular tone I want. Her enthusiasm and energy is contagious, and you'll feel it in your singing and performing. She truly loves what she does and it definitely translates into every aspect of music. Amber and her lessons have become one of the most important parts of my life and I'm grateful every day for the day my little 12 year old self shyly walked through her door :)"

Bill Gibson
Proud parent and drummer, Huey Lewis and the News

"Being a professional musician, I believe that I have a good understanding of what it takes to teach music and get the best out of your students. Amber teaches vocals to my 13-year old daughter, Olivia, and not only does she make it a profoundly enjoyable experience, she has the uncanny ability to bring out the very best of the talent inside. Attending one of Amber’s showcases is a testament to how wonderful a teacher she truly is. Amber is caring, loving and obviously possesses the vocal talents herself that makes it easy for her to pass them on to her students. All of her students adore her, and why not, she is a wonderful lady and an awesome teacher!"

Rozzi Crane
Lead singer Rozzi Crane Band, Sergio Mendes, Don Henley Band, USC Pop Program, and first artist signed to Adam Levine's 222 Record Label, featured vocalist on Hunger Games Soundtrack with Maroon 5

"There is just something about Amber. It is not simply that she holds the key to every vocal quandary, or that she has the power to teach her students how to feel music on a deeper level. It isn't even the tremendous commitment and loyalty she carries for her students, or her ability to see each of her singers uniquely and prescribe vocal techniques accordingly. Amber's magic goes beyond that. There is a quality to her, a sort of fanciful power that draws people to her. And it is this charisma that makes Amber so extraordinary. Never in my life have I known a voice teacher to be so invested in the happiness and success of her students. Vocally, Amber took me to a place I did not know I was capable of reaching. Her passion for singing is inspiring and the depth of her knowledge reaches farther than the eye can see. She believes in her students and she genuinely wants them to reach their goals. I will forever be thankful for Amber's drive, compassion, and hard work ethic. I am so glad to have found her!"

Bob Schleeter
Marin Academy music program director, faculty at Berklee College of Music​

"Amber Morris has had a huge impact on the Marin Academy Music Program and on me personally. Since she started working with our singers (22 of them the last time we counted) the musical standards have risen to a whole new pitch. She teaches them technique- who else knows so much about the tongue??- but she also helps them find the feeling and attitude. Her students love her, not only for her gifts as a teacher, but for the ways in which she is so passionately committed to them. I find inspiration in Amber's singing and her insistence on working with the best, in her striving for perfection and her directness of communication. She's also as hooked up as anyone I know in this local musical community- if you want a referral for a player or singer go to Amber! We have a thriving music scene her in San Rafael and in the Bay Area. Amber makes things happen, she is a center and a unifying force. She's also a relentless agitator not content with the status quo! We all love you!!"

Olivia Keegan
Actress and vocalist

"I have studied with Amber for many years and I am so grateful to have found such a talented and positive voice coach.  Through her guidance, I was able to land lead roles in my local community musical theater.  More recently, Amber helped give me the confidence to pursue my dream of acting professionally, and book roles in TV shows and movies that required singing.  Her training has been an integral part of my career, and I am so thankful for her support.  Amber has always been there for me and I love her so much.  She is not only a brilliant vocal coach, but also an inspirational person."


Madison Cain
​Lead vocalist, student of Music Industry Business at Belmont University, Nashville​

​"Amber Morris is one of the most kind, patient, genuine, supportive people that I have ever known. Not only has she revolutionized the way I sing, but she has become one of my dearest friends, being there for me in more ways than I can count. With Amber, my vocal transformation was truly a journey. Within each lesson, her patience and encouragement compelled me to grasp the concept to the best of my ability, without worrying of failure or disappointment, as Amber provides an empowering environment for her students. Amber's methods are truly unique; unto their own, to make singing effortless and to allow full creative musical opportunity. Through finding the correct placement of the words of the song, I found complete freedom with music, allowing me to focus upon the spirit and emotion of the song rather than worrying if I was going to hit the note or not, making performing one of the greatest experiences of my life. There are simply no words to convey Amber's total excellence. She is simply the best and I can never repay her for the gift she has given me...In other words YOU ROCK AMBER!!!"

Tory Mathieson
Lead vocalist, gospel ensemble & a capella group at Wesleyan University

"Amber gives her students the support they need to evolve as a singer, while allowing the space for them to explore their voices on their own terms. She uses creative methods to take her students' voices to places that they never dreamed were possible. Her knowledge is limitless and her methods are intuitive. She can tell, just from a look on my face, which note, riff, or tone I am unsatisfied with and furthermore, will instantly deliver the exact technique or tweak that I need in order to feel confident about the song. Amber knows all of her students so well and approaches each student from a unique perspective, taking into account their wants and needs. Beyond providing her students with warm-up exercises and a multitude of techniques, Amber will coach her students on the other side of the country, on skype, if that is what they need to feel confident for a show! Amber has created a network of students who are all avid singers and musicians and who all respect, trust, and adore her. Amber has taught me that singing goes beyond technique, it includes exploring the emotions that are driving every song. Amber advocates for a voice that is full of energy and passion yet remains effortless and not pushy, which is how I view Amber – simultaneously vivacious and laid back. Lucky for me, I got to meet Amber at a time where I was developing not only my singing voice, but also my confidence, passion, and love of performing. Beyond voice coaching, Amber has been a friend, a therapist, and a role model for me for the past seven years. Amber Morris is one of the most influential people in my life."

Bryn Bliska
​Lead vocalist, jazz ensemble at Brown University

“I had the great fortune of working closely with Amber throughout a critical period in my musical and personal development. Inspired by the successes of her students (many my peers in the fabulous Marin Academy Music Department), I started studying with Amber just as I was beginning to dig seriously into jazz and other contemporary and improvised music. Lacking any formal vocal training, but having played and studied piano since a young age, Amber guided me through a process of self-discovery that transformed my conception of creative expression; she helped me to realize a level of technique, musicianship and openness I didn’t think I was capable of. From day one, Amber provided me with boundless support and compassion, opening my ears to new possibilities and motivating me to challenge myself and keep growing as an artist. She possesses a nuanced understanding of vocal technique, a vast knowledge of contemporary musical artists and styles, and the skills, resources and network to help her students achieve their goals. Moreover, Amber’s vocal and performance chops are inspiring in their own right. In developing my voice and my ear, my work with Amber has continually expanded my opportunities as an artist, has allowed me to achieve deeper communication and connection both with an audience and with other musicians, and has helped me grow as an improviser, composer, arranger and bandleader. I cannot overstate my love and gratitude for Amber and the uniquely creative, successful and caring community that she continues to build and nurture.”

Francesca & James Hetfield
​Lead singer, Metallica

"Amber Morris has been teaching all three of our children singing, voice techniques, and stage presence for years. They always  look forward to her lessons because of her relatable teaching skills, infectious spirits and positive soul. She does so many great things for the area inspiring our youth in music. She is a great asset to our community. We love her."

Diane & Tom Johnston​
Lead singer/songwriter, The Doobie Brothers

“Our daughter, Lara, has been taking vocal training from Amber Morris for about nine months and we are very pleased with the progress she has made in a short time. Lara's self confidence and comfort level while singing in front of an audience improved dramatically. She attributes this to her ability to stay on pitch and an improved range in her voice. As Lara puts it, "she takes you to a higher level." Lara enjoys working with Amber because she is professional in her teaching method and also fun to work with. This can be verified by any of several students who go to high school with Lara and have all had a positive experience. Diane and I enjoy Amber as a person as well as a vocal coach for Lara. She is upbeat and brings her positive attitude to work, social settings, and her family life as well."

Dave Vincent​
Lead vocalist, Jeff Watson & Lone Ranger

"Amber, I just want you to know how much you’ve impacted me with what you do, every time I open my mouth, I hear your words about tone and position, and because of that I just had a religious experience with a group of guys I play with. Thank you for gifting me with information that made my life better."

Bonnie Hayes​
Grammy nominated singer/songwriter/producer, faculty at Berklee College of Music

"I've been Amber's friend for 8 years, and have been studying voice with her for a little over a year. I was having problems with my voice, and had also accepted that I simply wasn't ever going to be the kind of singer I wanted to be with a big tone, a large range, and the vocal control to deliver difficult technical melodies. In the time I've been working with Amber, she's not only helped me get my voice back on track, but actually has changed my whole self-view as a singer. I feel I have better tone, better control, and more confidence to approach types of music I hadn't felt equipped to sing in the olden days B.A. (before Amber). I've also watched her literally transform the voices of kids that, to be honest, I had initially felt were never going to be "good" singers. I believe Amber is one of the best natural teachers I've ever met and that her method is unique and really works. Not only that, but she is tireless, enthusiastic, and has a 14-karat heart."

Chase Baldocchi
Lead singer Bob Hill Band

"Amber Morris is hands down the most professional, creative and supportive vocal instructor that I have had the privilege to work with. Before coming to Amber I viewed singing as a task. It was something I loved to do but had always struggled with. With Amber's help I was able to find my true voice; effortless, free and full of tone. She has turned singing into a complete pleasure for me and I am eternally grateful to her. Amber has an unparalleled ability to diagnose and fix problems that can cause difficulty and strain in the voice. She understands the voice inside and out, backwards and forwards; so much so that she is able to identify constraints and completely eliminate them. With Amber, the voice is boundless. She has opened my voice and my ability to ranges and tones far beyond what I had ever expected. Within one lesson with Amber, I was addicted to her unique style and eager to relish all the time I had with her. Her methods are practical, tangible and insightful. It would be a shame to pass an opportunity to work with her and I can only hope to find someone of her caliber as I head to college and beyond."

Jimmy Dillon
Director, Blue Star Music Camp

"Amber Morris taught at our Blue Star Music Camp in San Anselmo last summer. Her enthusiasm and passion for teaching voice to kids is really contagious. As director of BSMC, I really appreciated the chance to have someone like Amber, who is experienced in all aspects of performing, which is what Blue Star is all about. Showing students how to warm up their voices is crucial, especially to those new to performing. In our ensemble workshops Amber was very valuable in orchestrating both solo pieces and background vocal performances. What really excites me is giving students a chance to “explore” and find their “voice” in an authentic creative way. I feel Amber’s teaching unlocks this in her students and gets them to really “feel” the music. I look forward to working with Amber next summer at Blue Star Music Camps."

Gail Morris​
Former Manager, Joe Cocker

"Amber, your work with Katie has been great. I can't remember if it has been three or four years of voice lessons now. Katie always loved to sing and she started taking lessons with another teacher when she was about 8 or 9. That teacher taught her to 'belt' and to do musical theatre but it was a pretty limited way of singing and one that might have eventually ruined her voice. When she first started with you, she was so excited to do the exercises and to work on her singing technique. When she chose and worked on her first song, it became so apparent to all of us that she had a great capacity for singing. These past few years have been amazing. We have watched her develop into a confident performer, and her voice has just grown bigger and better with each passing month. Her voice is so pure, so soulful, and so complex now. I know I am her mom, but I almost hold my breath when I hear her sing, not wanting to miss one nuance of it. You are an amazing teacher, a lovely person, and I wish Jim, Zan and I could all take lessons from you! Thank you for sharing your great talent with us."

Eric Wolff​
Lead singer and bassist

"I came to Amber as an avowed bassist hoping to gain confidence in my voice and express my musical ideas vocally with ease and fluidity. After a year of lessons, I'm amazed at the extent I've been able to realize this goal, and it was Amber's unique and supportive instruction that made it possible. What has always impressed me about Amber is her profound understanding of the voice. Her ear is impeccable and from my very first lesson she was tuned into my voice. She could tell exactly where I was hitting barriers and could immediately show me how to transcend them, giving me access to areas of my range and tonalities that I never thought I was capable of. She is also able to apply her technique to any musical style I've ever wanted to sing, ranging from Soul to Country. Thus, lessons are constantly relevant to my musical exploits and leave me with practical skills and newfound abilities that I can immediately apply to my music. Studying with Amber has helped me expand my range and has given me a deeper understanding of, and connection to my voice, as well as the confidence and ease of expression that I had initially hoped for. But the most valuable thing I've learned from Amber is to begin to see my voice as she does; not for it's limits, but for it's possibilities. With this attitude and Amber's help, I have become confident and comfortable exploring my voice and this has brought me joy and inspiration that I know will continue throughout my life."

Jeff Snow​
Sonoma County Paramedics

"When I first thought about a vocal coach or teacher, I had the image of someone akin to a prison warden sitting in front of a piano banging on one key over and over shaking his/her head in disgust at my vocal performance. Amber couldn't have been more of a polar opposite. Amber is extremely intuitive. She can, in a very short time, see what is going on inside and illustrate exactly what each individual needs to bring out the best qualities in their voice. Amber is completely non-judgmental. Though she always motivates me to perform at my best, I always feel safe with her. I can let my voice find itself and know that she will only guide me, never criticize me. I can't believe the progress I have made in just a few months. My tone was dark and not very pleasing. With Amber's guidance, I've opened places inside from which my voice can ring out. My tone is now bright, clear and has more power than I ever imagined. I have realized that with Amber's instruction, I am no longer limited by my voice. I can now use it as an instrument and I now sing with complete awareness. I can make choices and not be confined by a limited number of vocal qualities. Amber always goes the extra distance for me. I know she's there if I need extra help. She encourages her students to call her if they don't understand something or are unsure of how to perform something correctly. Amber always knows the right thing to say that allows me to bring out the qualities I want from my voice. Amber's experience is amazing. As a performer, it really helps to learn from someone who's active in the musical community, and who is out there performing regularly. Her voice is inspiring."

Natasha Zouves
Singing journalist and graduate of USC

"I looked forward to all of my lessons with Amber not only because of singing but because I knew her studio was a safe place for me to let go. I trust her more than anyone else, and am so grateful for her time, compassion, and advice. Amber has shaped my life, having helped me find confidence and my inner strength."

Mark Fishkin
Founder, Mill Valley Film Festival

"The growth we have seen since our 15 year old daughter Lindsay has been working with Amber Morris can only be described as amazing. My wife, who is also a trained professional vocalist, and myself attribute this growth directly to the dedicated efforts of Amber. Amber has it all: the technical knowledge, the teaching skills and the rare ability to address a young artist as a whole person. Her professionalism and skill coupled with her nurturing personality have empowered our daughter, as well as her other students, to excel on all levels. Her students are impeccably trained and confident. Clearly she gets more from her students then any vocal teacher we have personally encountered. We would wholeheartedly recommend Amber to any parent who is considering formal vocal training for their child."

Wendy Levy
Voice-over Artist

"I wouldnʼt go to anyone else but the fun, engaging & insanely talented Amber Morris. I didnʼt think my voice could do the things she said it could, but thatʼs whatʼs so great about Amber, she helps you believe in yourself without being fake. She has an analogy for everything and personalizing the lesson makes it so much more meaningful. Thanks Amber!"

Jessica Fields
Award winning a cappella group, Chatterlocks at Brown University

"When I started taking lessons from Amber, I had always sung along to others’ songs, admiring and trying to emulate others’ vocal styles. Since then, however, Amber has taught me to find my own sound and to have the confidence to trust my own musical instincts. From Amber I have learned a vocal technique that will truly last a lifetime and that has opened, expanded, and empowered my voice and my confidence. She has not only shared with me her wisdom with regards to the technicalities of the voice, but also her experience and expertise with regards to the organizational and emotional aspects of vocal performance. She is simply a brilliant musician, vocalist, teacher, and an incredibly loyal, supportive friend. Thank you, Amber, for pushing me to achieve so much more than I could have ever imagined; I have been so incredibly lucky to have had you as a vocal coach, and, as I like to add, basically as a life coach, as well!"

Ania Kuroczko​
Singer, NYU

​"The most amazing part of working with Amber is her sunshine.  She is the brightest person I know.  Her heart always comes out to every student, even if they are the one voice singing in a crowded room; when it is your time to sing, her eyes are right on you.  I have worked with Amber Morris since sixth grade, and am now in my freshman year of college.  Looking back on my seven years with Amber, they feel like a magical blur.  I spent many weekends in her studio, working on vocal skills, as well as life skills.  She taught me how to be even more confident than I was walking in.  Looking back on the years I spent with her, I cannot even explain how much I have grown.  From an insecure and afraid singer, who only graced her showerhead with a solo, to singing in front of 5,000 spectators.  I can clearly see the growth I have made.  And I credit all that confidence and growth to Amber Morris.  I can no longer say that a song is too hard for me to sing, because Amber taught me how to make every song my own.  It sounds like a miracle, and I can almost say it is.  Amber understands that for those of us that love to sing, it is our everything; our being.  And Amber has this ability to bring it out of us, and make it sparkle.  She is truly amazing and not only developed my voice for the better, but developed me for the better.  I now have to confidence to take my singing where I’ve always dreamed.  Love you Amber!"​

amber morris

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